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Madam Tulip at Visual Verse


I’ve been thinking about taking up the Visual Verse challenge for a few months and I finally got round to it. My poem ‘Madam Tulip’, inspired by August’s summery image, is now published on their website.

Every month they produce a picture, and you’re challenged to write a short piece about anything that the image brings to mind. The crux is, you set yourself an hour in which to do it. It was a great picture by Megan Archer and is a wonderful project and the website is lovely. Many thanks to the people at Visual Verse. It must be a huge amount of work.

The link to ‘Madame Tulip’ is here. And this is the highly original and very cool picture entitled ‘Loose Lips’ by Megan Archer.


Visual verse tweeted very generously about the poem:

Fantastic old fashioned good writing here, story-telling, poetry and song by

I have since edited it – it was just an hour’s work, remember, and I’ve made quite a lot of changes to rhythm and structure. I might read it tonight in the Loose Muse open mic and see if I can make a performance out of it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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