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Read from my novel: A Cage of Rooks

You might say ‘A Cage of Rooks’ is a magical realism novel but I don’t see it like that, not exactly. It’s a retelling of one of my favourite fairy stories ‘Rapunzel’. Unless you know that already, on reading the novel, I think it’s very unlikely that you would realise. But elements of the original are […]

The Glorious Dolores

 In Asuncion, eighty-four-year-old nightclub singer, Dolly, is haunted by a secret that she has kept for over fifty years. But the dangerous and enigmatic Raoul threatens to reveal all. Dolly finds she can trust no one and is torn between accommodating Raoul and telling her secret to the world.       

Edith’s Story

In 1949, near the Kimberley diamond mines in South Africa, Edith is involved in an abusive marriage to Henny. Excluded from the community, she isolates herself in an attic overlooking the veldt where she becomes obsessed with crafting exquisite wooden boxes. But as Henny’s behaviour becomes increasingly intolerable, Edith finds she has very little to lose and is surprised to discover that […]

Ava’s Story

                      When Ava is sent on a frightening photographic assignment to Highcliffe Castle the two faces of the building baffle and intrigue her. When she meets the mysterious stonemason, Dermot, she discovers that he knows far too much about her  past. Trapped together, she becomes both fascinated and terrified by him. But […]

Submitting Work

  I’m not a regular submitter and that’s not a good thing. Of course the excuse is that time is so limited and the time I do have available for writing matters is used up in writing. That’s the way it has always been. But I have told myself that this is not good enough. Obviously […]

The Cherrywood Box

I am absolutely thrilled that my novel, The Cherrywood Box , has been successful in The Yeovil Prize, The Eludia Awards and won an SLS Fellowship. It is time to send it out to agents. I’ll inevitably have to face a pile of rejection letters but c’est la vie. It has been edited, re-read, edited, re-read and edited […]

What’s this?

  Welcome to my den. It’s great to have a visitor. Shake off your gumboots and come in. I’ll have to warn you, though, don’t get tangled in the brambles and mind the stream, don’t fall in. Once you’ve settled into a pile of leaves, you’ll find it snug. I’ll make a fire and boil up the […]

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