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New Music Books

Thank you for dropping by and casting your beadies over our new music books but I am fairly certain you will prefer the music website, Wild Music Publications, where there’s much more information and it’s kept up to date. Most of these music books are also available arranged especially for clarinet, recorder, oboe, saxophone and bassoon – […]

Let’s Play More Flute

    Let’s Play More Flute Book 1 is an exciting method of learning to play the flute’s second octave. Its approach makes music reading easy, natural and fun. There are scale games, plenty of carefully chosen pieces, improvising activities, duets and music theory puzzles. Never a dull moment!     Let’s Play More Flute Book 2 […]

Let’s Play Flute

Let’s Play Flute Books 1 and 2 are exciting flute methods written for the youngest beginners. With lots of games and tips, loads of very easy tunes and a novel and unusual way to learn to read music, they are a great way to make the first steps on the flute. Book 1 takes the […]

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