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Talking to Louise Taylor

  Louise Taylor writes fiction – short stories and novels, and travel articles and poetry. Her poetry will be part of 10 Days 2015. He waits by the side gate, the one that’s beneath the head gardener’s dignity. A paper bag holding the remnants of sixpence’s-worth of monkey nuts is scrunched into his pocket and rests warmly […]

Meeting Consuelo Simpson

Over the next weeks, I’m hoping to interview some of the writers and artists involved in 10 Days 2015 (if they’ll put up with me). Yesterday, I was lucky enough to visit artist, Consuelo Simpson, in her Hampshire studio. Consuelo is inspired by this quote from The Old Ways ‘A chalky mysticism established itself, a belief that […]

Chalk Story – 10 Days 2015

Since I’ve become part of the arts project 10 Days 2015 Chalk, I’ve been trying to write some stories on the theme of Chalk. On the basis that you get out what you put in, I decided to throw myself at it. Themes can be tricky, I find. I researched, obviously. I now know a […]

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