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Thank you for dropping by and casting your beadies over our new music books but I am fairly certain you will prefer the music website, Wild Music Publications, where there’s much more information and it’s kept up to date.

Most of these music books are also available arranged especially for clarinet, recorder, oboe, saxophone and bassoon – sometimes even trumpet and violin, viola, cello, bass, trombone, tuba, french horn…!

Here are some of the latest books in the woodwind collection. By popular request, more duet books.

Introducing: Easy Traditional Duets

BookCoverImage-4 BookCoverImage

28 traditional melodies from around the world arranged especially for two equal beginner flute players, or beginner flute and clarinet (other instrument combinations and pairs are also available). For the flute player some pieces go as low as lowest E and as high as 2nd octave C, notes learned for Grade 1 although some of the pieces are easier than Grade 1 and some harder. All the clarinet parts are below the break. All tunes are in easy keys. Pieces are mostly one page in length, a few are half a page and a couple are two pages long.
The pieces included are: Bobby Shaftoe, Cripple Creek, Hey Ho, Anybody Home, Kookaburra, Molly Malone, Matilda, Miss Lucy Long, O My Darling Clementine, Sur le Pont D’Avignon, Sweet Betsy from Pike, This Land is My Land, The Volga Boatman, Yankee Doodle and many more.

I hope you enjoy them.

For the more advanced player there is:

BookCoverImage  BookCoverImage-6

Classic Duets for Two Flutes of Intermediate Standard and Classic Duets for Flute and Clarinet of Intermediate Standard. Lengthy titles, I know, but at least you know what you’re getting! There are a few easier pieces but most explore the range of notes and techniques expected of players that are Grades 4-6, and some are quite tricky! The pieces are arranged for players of equal standard, so each player gets to play the tune!

There are 22 pieces in the book, some are longer, but most are short – one page, several are two or three pages. I’ve tried to be as varied as possible and have included both classical and traditional tunes, slow and fast pieces, easy and difficult, ones to play straight away and others to work on, but I hope you find them all enjoyable and fun. Arrangements include extracts from: Beethoven’s Für Elise, Prokofiev’s The Duck from Peter and the Wolf, Dvorák’s Humoresque, Holst’s Jupiter from The Planets, Loch Lomond, Grieg’s Morning from Peer Gynt, Elgar’s March from Pomp and Circumstance, Chopin’s Prelude Op.28, Boccherini’s Minuet, Bizet’s Air de Toréador from Carmen, Beethoven’s Minuet in G, Glinka’s Intermezzo, Tchaikovsky’s Andante Cantabile from Symphony No.5 , Brahms’ Waltz Op.39 and more, some of which I expect you’re unlikely to know because I wanted to include an element of musical exploration and adventure. I hope you enjoy playing them!

Here are the links:

Priced at £5.76 in the U.K Bassoons –  U.K. Flutes – U.K. Clarinets – U.K. Flute and Clarinet – U.K. Descant and Treble Recorders – UK Clarinet and Alto Sax.

and at $8.95  in the U.S.A. Bassoons – U.S.A. Flutes – U.S.A. Clarinets  – U.S.A. Flute and Clarinet – U.S.A.Descant and Treble Recorders – U.S.A. Clarinet and Alto Sax.

flutes     BookCoverImage   BookCoverImage  BookCoverImage

Available from Amazon for under £5.00/$8.00/€6.00 (often much less). Click the picture for a link.

Introducing a new collection of Christmas duet music. 21 favourite Traditional Christmas Carols arranged for two equal players of intermediate standard which I have arranged especially for two flutes. Intended to be enjoyed year after year. Ideal for diving into the Christmas spirit, playing with friends, entertaining the family or even busking. A great incentive for holiday practice. Includes: Jingle Bells, Silent Night, Good King Wenceslas, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Sussex Carol, O Come All Ye Faithful, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, In the Bleak Midwinter, While Shepherds Watched, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Deck the Halls, I Saw Three Ships, Joy to the World, Deck the Halls, Ding Dong Merrily,The First Nowell, The Holly and the Ivy and more.

And don’t forget…


Priced at around £4.99 and available from Amazon.

Over 40 traditional Christmas carols arranged for flute starting with the easiest. The pieces at the beginning of the book are the easiest, the ones towards the end include a few high notes so there are a some challenges and the book can be enjoyed by the same player for several years, I hope. A great way to see how much progress you’ve made since last Christmas!

BookCoverImage Available from Amazon in the US here priced at $9.95 or in the UK here £4.50 (often much less)

25 great melodies arranged for two flutes, one part very easy and the other more difficult. Ideal for the beginner and intermediate player or even for teacher and pupil. Brilliant for sight-reading practice. Includes well-known music by the most famous composers: Mozart, Vivaldi, Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Delibes, Bizet, and more.

Also available arranged especially for the following instruments.

UK Flute  US Flute

UK Recorder  US Recorder

UK Clarinet   US Clarinet

UK Bassoon   US Bassoon

More information about individual books can be found on the various posts but look, a new book is now available. Introducing:

Easy Tunes from Around the World

Easy Tunes from around the world BookCoverImage

Available by clicking the links below at just £4.00 or $6.93 (often even less!!) Arranged for Flute, Trumpet, Saxophone, Recorder, Bassoon and Clarinet.

Flute US    Flute UK

Recorder US   Recorder UK

Clarinet US    Clarinet UK

Bassoon US    Bassoon UK

Saxophone US   Saxophone UK

Trumpet US   Trumpet UK

I love to travel and there’s nothing like armchair exploring through music. From Lithuania to Italy, the USA to England, Tibet to Morocco to South Africa and zig-zagging destinations in between, you’ll discover 70 tunes from 28 different countries The book includes music for the beginner flute-player with an international feel. Ideal for exploring the music of the world, or simply tasting something a little different.

Starting with the very easiest – just 4 notes, and progressing to include the first and second octaves; some are short, others longer, you’ll find plenty of familiar melodies included as well. Many of these tunes are in the tune book at the back of The Flying Flute Tutor. So if you are thinking about buying a tutor book, perhaps you might prefer that. All the tunes in Easy Tunes from Around the World are in easy keys and on large easy-to-read staves.

Have you seen this?

BookCoverImageA brand new book arranged for beginner to intermediate flautists is now available through Amazon here priced at only £4.50 or $8.76. I’ve arranged the collection for individual instruments. Links just below if you’re tempted to purchase – it’s very good value!

I have gathered together extracts from the most popular classics by the world’s greatest composers – Bach, Purcell, Handel, Vivaldi, Mozart, Rossini, Beethoven, Chopin, Delibes, Tchaikovsky, Borodin, Elgar, Strauss, Saint-Saëns, Holst, Dukas, Bizet, Verdi, Puccini, Wagner and many more and I’ve compiled the arrangements with the easiest at the beginning of the book. It has been a lot of fun. You’ll find music from The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, La Traviata, Carmen, Lohengrin, Carnival of the Animals and much more – orchestral music, ballet, opera, choral – you name it and it’s in the book. If it isn’t, I’ll have to do another!

All are in easy keys and although the pieces at the start are easy, there are more challenging arrangements towards the end. Here are the links:

UK Flute   US Flute

UK Recorder   US Recorder

UK Clarinet   US Clarinet

UK Bassoon   US Bassoon

Saxophone UK   Saxophone US

Look out for the next book – World’s Greatest Waltzes, coming soon.

Five more great new music books available now!

Flying Flute Tutor Cover amaz

The Flying Flute Tutor Book is a big, new, creative approach to learning the flute. Taking the beginner from very first sounds right into the third octave, it is packed with music to play, duets, hints and tips, rhythm games, puzzles, technical and creative improvising and composing activities, easy extended techniques and includes a progressive tune book. With 150 pages, large staves and a sympathetic approach to music reading. It is available here: Priced £6.99

gems           Little Gems Cover half

Dazzling Diamonds and Little Gems are easy arrangements for flute with optional piano that include some creative ideas for practice.

Both books are suitable for players up to Grade 3.

Dazzling Diamonds is set at Grades 1-2+

Little Gems is set at Beginner to Grade 1+

Each piece of music has a page of practice and performance tips and ideas. Great for a little extra help between lessons and a fun way to learn how to practise.

Each is available from Amazon. Just click the link:

Little Gems for Flute    only £4.99 or $9.00

Dazzling Diamonds for Flute priced at £4.99 or $9.00

Also available on Amazon is Catch the Beat – a sightreading practice book and The Flying Flute Tune Book – 104 easy tunes for the beginner flute player based on groups of just three or four notes. With creative ideas to assist music reading and lots of puzzles and improvising tasks, The Flying Flute is ideal for building fluency and confidence and having fun playing the flute.

Available through Amazon at only £4.99 here: The Flying Flute. More details by clicking the appropriate menu.

Flying Flute Cover 3 half                  Catch the Beat thumbnail Catch the Beat is available from Amazon in the US here priced at $5.60 and in the UK here priced at only £3.99

Easy Tunes from around the world BookCoverImage  Available here priced at £4.00  50 Classic Flute BookCoverImage   Available here priced also at £4.00

Flying Flute Tutor Cover amazgemsCatch the Beat Bubbles trialcoverLittle Gems Cover halfFlying Flute Cover 3 half

I have been very, very busy over the summer writing five new flute books. I know some people come to the site to look for flute books so I thought I’d let you guys know what has been going on and what’s new. The books are already for sale (and selling) on Amazon. I’ve written a description of each here with links and more info on the books below.

The Flying Flute Tutor £6.99

Little Gems for Flute £4.99

Dazzling Diamonds for Flute £4.99

The Flying Flute Tune Book £4.99

Catch the Beat Sightreading Practice Book £4.00

Flying Flute Tutor Cover amaz

The Flying Flute Tutor Book is a big, new, creative approach to learning the flute. Taking the beginner from very first sounds right into the third octave, it is packed with music to play, duets, hints and tips, rhythm games, puzzles, technical and creative improvising and composing activities, easy extended techniques and includes a progressive tune book. With 150 pages, large staves and a sympathetic approach to music reading, it is priced at just £6.99.


Flying Flute Cover 3 halfWith more than  a hundred easy tunes based on note groups, The Flying Flute Tune Book is easy to  read and easy to play, with tips on technique, music reading and improvisation from just three notes and includes puzzles, games and activities. The Flying Flute Tune Book  is a fun and creative way to improve. It is available from Amazon for only £4.99 click the link or just search Amazon for The Flying Flute.

The fact that each section is based on a particular group of three or four notes is the secret to this book. Younger players, in particular, will find this helps them to deal with the issues of note recognition and music reading more easily whilst gaining super fluency on the flute. The tunes are lively and often jazzy, with rhythmic titles!



 Little Gems Cover halfLittle Gems for Flute  and Dazzling Diamonds for Flute are two exciting books of concert pieces arranged especially for the beginner flautist. Easy to play at around Grades 1-2 (Dazzling Diamonds is a little more difficult than Little Gems)with optional  piano and, uniquely, lots of Practice tips and information. Little Gems and Dazzling Diamonds are a fun way to discover the great composers from Purcell to Gounod and learn about the techniques of practice. Each is priced at £4.99.

These books are designed to be ‘easy to play’ once you’ve learned the basics – perhaps the player is pre-Grade 1 to start with. The pieces begin with just an octave range and are in an easy-to-read large music font. The secret ingredient is  the Practice Page that’s attached to each piece. This page gives background information on the composer and historical period and detailed practice tips, picking out the difficult bits and the best way to go about practising that piece. It’s great for holiday practice or those times between lessons when extra help might be needed. There are also creative tips on approaching the performance of each piece and ways you might use your imagination.

On to the next book – you can see I’ve been busy ! And it is now up and ready!

Catch the Beat Bubbles trialcover

Starting from musical basics, Catch the Beat is a progressive sightreading practice book with a focus on rhythm.

With exercises to clap, jump, sing  and tap, more than 70 tunes to play, games, activities and an easy way to score, Catch the Beat makes the challenges of sightreading fun and energetic for young players.

In addition, a simple self-assessment system helps to build confidence and a sense of achievement.

This book is designed especially for the young beginner. Children will have fun working out their own score. Every rhythm in the book has a tune written for it within an octave range. The tunes at the back of the book are more difficult than those at the beginning. And it is available by clicking the link for Catch the Beat here priced at £4.10 or $6.22. Good value, I hope you’ll agree.


More about the new tutor book…

The Let’s Play Flute books are still available from the publishers, Kevin Mayhew, (and Amazon, music shops etc) but The Flying Flute Tutor Book is something very different with a new approach and LOADS of music to play. It also includes lots of headjoint tunes for beginners, plenty of duets for pupil and teacher, improvising activities, experiments, tips and games for developing embouchure and breathing, rhythm and note recognition activities, and it is designed to develop a great technique. It is suitable for all younger players but I’ve devised it particularly for those people who have difficulty reading music, or those people who find numbers off-putting, or those with a more creative approach to learning so that they will not be frustrated and they will make progress learning to read and play music at the same time as learning to play the flute. It is a creative, positive and encouraging system and is available now by clicking the link at the top of the post.






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