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Let’s Play Flute

Let’s Play Flute Books 1 and 2 are exciting flute methods written for the youngest beginners. With lots of games and tips, loads of very easy tunes and a novel and unusual way to learn to read music, they are a great way to make the first steps on the flute.

Book 1 takes the pupil through the notes B, A, G, C, Bb and F and Book 2 begins with D and then progresses to higher notes. A fun and easy way to start playing a musical instrument that leads the pupil gradually through the fundamentals of flute playing.

Let’s Play Clarinet and Let’s Play Saxophone are also available and follow a similar route.

For an interesting method of teaching the second and third octaves, Let’s Play More Flute Books 1 and 2 take the student into sight reading, improvisation, scale playing and simple extended techniques. More on these books here:


The Let’s Play books are published by Kevin Mayhew Ltd and are available from music suppliers worldwide.

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