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Lakeview Journal has published my story

Lakeview JournalI am honoured that my story ‘A Pylon, a Dress and the Rattle of Reeds’ is now live at Lakeview Journal here. It is a fantastic literary magazine packed with stories, poetry and art. The magazine is international but based in India so I am doubly honoured to be included. It is truly wonderful to read the stories and poetry of writers from a different part of the globe. That is such a treat.

My story is about a man who wins the lottery, deceives his wife and is torn apart by guilt. Their relationship is complicated by the fact that, since his win, he has become a flying man, a wonderful attribute in my opinion, but it is despised by his wife.

I hope you will read it and enjoy the ride.

‘A Pylon, a Dress and the Rattle of Reeds’

Here’s a screenshot of the beginning:Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 18.48.15

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