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cropped-River-by-Lil1.jpgWelcome to my den. It’s great to have a visitor. Shake off your gumboots and come in. I’ll have to warn you, though, don’t get tangled in the brambles and mind the stream, don’t fall in. Once you’ve settled into a pile of leaves, you’ll find it snug. I’ll make a fire and boil up the kettle.

Amanda’s Circus showcases my writing activities including my latest news, extracts from my novels and entire stories from time to time. If you click on the pictures a few more words, or even a whole article, should pop up and cover your screen. If you hover over the menu, a selection of posts will drop down ready for your click. I do love a gismo, hence all the sliders and flicks. The blog section is a diary of my writing thoughts, ideas and efforts (struggles): serious, mischievous or otherwise. I’m likely to write about other matters as well, it exercises the writing muscles and anyway, why not? I’m averse to rules, especially my own rules. So we’ll have to see what happens next…





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