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Story on the Bristol Prize Shortlist

Excellent news, I have a story on the Bristol Prize shortlist. It’s wonderful to be listed in such a prestigious competition and I’m thrilled that it is going to be published in the anthology later this year. The list is here: exciting is that? For a post on the 2013 Anthology (now available) look here. […]

Optimism and Creativity – my take on the 2013 Venice Biennale – ‘a bestiary of the imagination’

The alluring theme of the 2013 Venice Biennale is ‘Il Palazzo Enciclopedico’, an imaginary museum that holds all human knowledge. Universal knowledge is so enticing, isn’t it? We have the Internet, we can ‘know’ anything; it’s all at our fingertips. But this exhibition ignores social media, television and popular culture.  It is about creativity, the […]

Good News from Venice

I was in Venice trogging around the Biennale (this takes days and is as tough on your creative energy reserves as it is on your feet, in case you were thinking me an escapist slacker); my submissions were well into the dark, back cellars of my mind. Obviously Venice itself takes up a great deal of one’s consciousness and the […]

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